God Always Speaks the Truth

A Truth to Live – What happens to people who speak falsehoods in order to make themselves larger than life?  God shuts them off. Fortunately God’s way is consistently evident. It always involves exalting God and humbling myself by confessing wrongdoing, receiving forgiveness and sharing God’s great love with others.  

Scripture – “Now the night will close around you, cutting off all your visions. Darkness will cover you, making it impossible for you to predict the future. The sun will set for you prophets, and your day will come to an end.”  Micah 3:6 

Prayer – Eternal Father of Light and Truth, I need Your help today to keep me from listening to and following those who want to promote themselves instead of You.  Help me to humble myself toward You, to be honest about my shortcomings and openly receive Your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.